Pimped European competition for the best „custom bikes“ there are. The show, which will take you by heart and never let go. Make sure you won’t miss it! You can find more information HERE.

Are you a fan of martial arts? Box, K1, MMA and Muay Thai? Big lake fights in full action on EUROBIKEFEST!
Definitely not an exhibition for milksops, only tough fighters.

Popular adrenaline motocross show. It’s really unreal how good it is! It’s gonna be a blast!

Stunt-show under the wings of Honza Holub is a necessity in your EBF schedule. This guy knows his way around bikes and he enjoys every aspect of what he does. It’s not going to be quiet, that we can promise!

In the area grounds, you can find the most modern water-ski, wake-board and wake-skate park in the Czech Republic. Czech and foreign pros prepared an amazing show for you. And if you are brave enough, you can try it out yourself! For more info click HERE.

The Czech Walking Dead are waiting for you and don’t expect the help of Rick Grimes anytime soon. Just a small bite and you can say bye-bye to your bike, so run like hell! There will be marked track and a zombie chasing you. Did I say 1? I meant 30. 30 starving, rotting undead wanting to feast on your flesh.

In the evening expect body-painting competition and this year’s novelty, a MISS ZOMBIE 2019!

Tattoo convention, you can’t miss that! A 100m2 full of ideas, creativity, skill, and memories for your whole life. Don’t be afraid and come to EBF to get inked. On our social networks we will be revealing names of the artist, where you will be also able to make a reservation, so be sure you are following us. IG: @eurobikefest FB: @eurobikefest
Saturday programme is set! Elite dancers will show you what is real pole dance and how it’s done. It is a true showcase of physical strength, so don’t imagine strip-bars, only highly trained professionals with years of hard work and discipline.

Do you want a photo with a hot girl and even hotter bike? So don’t forget to join us on Friday and Saturday for a public photo-shoot of „Big Lakes Customs“! And ladies, don’t be disappointed, there will be guys waiting for you as well.

Eventually, you can look for Jirka or Adam 🙂

Would you like to cruise around the Mušov Lakes and have a bit of romance on our festival? We are ready for it! You’ll have unlimited wine „degustation“, so drink responsibly and don’t spill any of it! But no passengers overboard, agreed?

This year’s weather is looking beautiful! You can look forward to a sightseeing flight where you will see the whole EBF and stunning Pálava on the palm of your hand.

Harley Owners Group zone will be opened for all HD clubs of the Czech Republic. You will see a lot of interesting things! Talk to H.O.G. guys and don’t ride alone.

For more info click HERE

There will be a lot of interesting workshops available on EBF. For example, first aid workshop supervised by skilled professionals.

Also, we prepared a showcase of airbag vests from the company RaceVest, so come check it out.

A storie about passion, traveling, love aka „Dakar on a bike“. Presentation of a support truck is a
sure thing!

Mototraveller Igor Brezozvara, actor Martin Pisařik and Ondra Klymčiw with his DAKAR experience! All of these and many more will share their own personal experience, so be sure to get inspired!

Nearby you can find Aqualand Moravia. More info HERE. For our visitors, we arranged a special deal so don’t hesitate and jump right in.

Another romantic addition! We prepared an open-air movie night for you. Take a drink, your partner and have a good rest with a movie after a long day. From Thursday to Saturday every day at 21:30, so be sure you come to check it out.